Being Frugal with … Bananas

I love when I find over-ripe bananas at the grocery store for $0.19 a pound or some such reduced price.  These economic black-spotted fruit are gold! Over-ripe bananas make the best banana bread and banana muffins! I think it has to do with the starchiness being turned to sugar. ((Yep, starch to sugar and many more banana facts here.))

Today, while the boys were putting into practice substitution axioms and reading The Village Blacksmith by Longfellow, I made a quadruple batch of banana muffins….which only yielded 30 muffins for me. I made them too big, I guess.


I don’t think anyone will mind that they were a little large.  To keep muffin-making as frugal as possible, I use reconstituted dry milk in place of regular milk.  Milk is becoming more costly, so to preserve the “good” milk for drinking and for cereal, I like to make up some “cooking” milk with the dry stuff.  I usually just make a quart at a time.  If there is any left over, I just pour it into the “good” milk jug.  Nobody can taste the difference! (I’ve added “cooking” milk to stretch the good milk on purpose before too.)

It’s all about being frugal today: We are having beans and cornbread for dinner, too!


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