Having More Time

Many moons have past since I last took up the keys here.  Life gets busy and things that I don’t have time for must be cut out sometimes.  Suddenly, time has been freed up.  I was laid off from my work-at-home job a week and a half ago.

It is a dark cloud with a silver lining.  We did depend on the money I brought in.  It was just the amount to cover the grocery bill for three hungry, growing boys.  However, I had been praying about the schooling of the boys. I just was not spending as much time with each as I wanted.

Now, my time has increased.  More time with the boys, more time for schooling, more time for making this house a home, more time to listen to the Lord.  I might even have more time to do things I enjoy: knitting, learning the fiddle; more time to do things I should: exercise; more time for making up the money the loss of my job has taken from the budget.

More TimeThe budget has taken a hit. Not only did I lose my job, but my husband just took a new job paying less money.  The up-side to this move is less stress and about 40 fewer one-way commute miles.  In order to counteract this shriveling of financing, I have been commissioned to squeeze every bit of groceries out of each dollar. So, I’ve started couponing in earnest.  It is something I’ve done periodically in the past, like taking my vitamins.  But now I have my binder, and am watching the sales ads like a hawk. Lord, let me be a good manager of your wealth.

Even though we are pinching pennies and more on a beans and rice, rice and beans array than we have in many years, I am so excited about this new turn!

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