Shuffling Curriculum

We are a homeschooling family of five. Dad, Ma, and three sons.  I have a middle-schooler in 7th grade and a 3rd and 4th grader. We’ve been homeschooling since the beginning.

Habits for a Happy Home is the only homeschooling blog I read. Mostly because it is a wonderful blog with so much information that I don’t want to get distracted by others, it is easy for me to remember to access since these amazing women are part of my home school group (how blessed am I?!) and I don’t have those five extra hours each day to browse the multitude of good home school sites and blogs each day. Over at HHH, they wonderful ladies are highlighting curriculum this week, and I thought that might be a good place for me to start my blog too.

Over the years, our curriculum has remained ever-changing, some things remaining constant while others are shuffled in and out of the mix. The two youngest do several subjects together and my oldest is branching out into interests of his own this year.


We us a kids Bible devotion book, church studies, or anyone of us might have a devotion to share of a morning.

Saxon – we have used Saxon exclusively. I started with it and it has worked well for each of the boys. We have slowed down or sped up the lessons according to each child’s needs. Almost always, we only do half the problems in the textbooks. J still does all the problems in the consumable 3rd grade book. This year we are using Math 3, Math 5/4, and Algebra.

Learning Language Arts Through Literature
Writing Strands

The Mystery of History for the younger boys
America the Beautiful by the Notgrass Company for the oldest.  This is a brand new book, hitting the printers in August, and I have not received it yet.

Apologia Botany for the younger boys
Apologia Exploring Creation With General Science for oldest, this is a hanger-on from last year, and he is nearly done.
Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology
for oldest, he will begin soon.

Good Typing
Hello World! Computer Programming for Beginners

There are other things we use inconsistently, but this makes up our core curriculum this year. Added to this curriculum are all the books each child reads as part of his studies, in addition to his studies, or just for fun!

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