Stonehenge and Circle Making

Today's History Activity

The History of Mystery

People way back in time (2700 B.C) made Stonehenge without modern equipment. Stonehenge is made out of huge rocks. They are about 28 tons each.  Stonehenge is called a megalith because it is a monument made of huge rocks.  All of the rocks came from miles away.  Some rocks came from 300 miles away!

The shape of the circle and position of the rocks were built in connection with the rising and setting of the sun.  It also had something to do with the moon and seasons.

The people who built Stonehenge were very smart. How did they make it?!?

Dropping seeds

The Project: How to Make a Perfect Circle

We had a long string and some bird seed.  Two people held the string so that the string was straight and tight.  The person in the middle had to stay in the same spot. The person at the other end of the string walked slowly, but they had to keep the string tight. The third person had to drop some bird seed every few steps.  We made a perfect circle out of bird seed. Maybe the ancient people who built Stonehenge used string to make the circle.

– M (grade 4)

Circle Making

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  1. Denise Gallichio says:

    Isn’t homeschooling great!? Looks like you guys had alot of fun while learning.

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